Because no one should have to walk the most difficult roads alone.


Urban Paws is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that pairs professionally-trained service dogs with first responders, military members, and other public servants to aid in healing job-related stress and trauma.


We’ve partnered with Trident K9 Consulting and The Overwatch Collective to source, train, and match service dogs to the people whose lives would benefit from a skilled canine companion.


We are dedicated to training and providing service dogs at a dramatically reduced cost to our clients, and to being a resource for support and assistance throughout the duration of their partnership with their service dogs.

Healing through the power of paws!

As an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 88-4162805) founded by David & Genny Uziel, Urban Paws goal is to breed, train and pair service dogs with first responders, military members, and other public servants experiencing PTSD. We strive to provide these service dogs at no cost to the recipient for the first year and a half.

By breeding and training our own dogs, we are able to ensure our dogs are appropriately suited for their important roles. We are able to ensure that they have the optimal temperament, intelligence, and characteristics to excel as service animals. These exceptional dogs, when trained and paired with these individuals, provide the recipient with a steadfast companion and an invaluable support system.

We remain invested in the ongoing success of our teams, offering continuous support, education, and resources to ensure a lasting and impactful relationship. Through our dedication to cultivating these life-changing partnerships, we aim to empower first responders and veterans with the transformative gift of canine companionship, promoting independence, hope, and healing in their lives.


David and Genevieve Uziel


Dave and Genny Uziel founded Urban Paws SF Service Dogs in 2022. Their combined passion for business and deep compassion for first responders and veterans, provided the foundation for the nonprofit. Urban Paws SF Service Dogs is a mission that is close to Dave and Genny’s heart. Dave is a retired Police Officer and successful entrepreneur building Urban Worldwide into a national brand. Genny hails from the business world and has been a key partner in the ongoing growth and management of the Urban Brand and Urban Paws SF Service Dogs.

How can I apply to be a recipient or foster?